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Welcome Bloomiss Naturals to FairSkinMedia.com

Our ever growing, green family is proud to welcome Bloomiss Naturals to FairSkinMedia.com! Bloomiss.com is based out of Ontario, Canada. Their specialty is natural, organic beauty, skincare and aromatherapy products. All Bloomiss blends are created to feed your skin using only the best, nourishing ingredients!


QUOTE: “Our mission and promise to you, is to create luxurious skincare, cosmetics and beauty products that are 100% Natural and Organic.  All our products are Toxin FREE, Paraben FREE, Dye FREE and Cruelty FREE”

  • Parabens
  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate
  • Chemicals
  • Petroleum
  • Artificial colorants and dyes
  • Preservative and fillers
  • Talc


We are proud to showcase below, a few highlights from a recent Pinterest campaign we ran for Bloomiss.com. We were able to increase their website traffic by over 11,000% IN UNDER 2 WEEKS! Plus, exceptional increases across the entire board.

Beyond just pinning – Fair Skin Media created specific pinnable images for Bloomiss. Specific to the sizing on Pinterest. 

With success, in a few day Bloomiss’s first viral pin was born! 

See the statistics below!

Image pinned on April 25th (pictured above stats taken from Pin as of May 1st = 6 days later)

  • Pin appeared across Pinterest: 52,015
  • Garnered 1,202 engagements
  • 815 closeups
  • 377 clicks
  • 10 saves

This is the kind of activity many dream of getting, off 1 pin alone!

We look forward to continuing to bloom, flourish and flower with Bloomiss.com! For more information, see BLOOMISS.com!

After struggling with Pinterest for over a year. I had all but given up on it, deciding I couldn’t move the needle. Then, I met Angie from Fair Skin Media. Her confidence in how she could get me results on Pinterest was energizing and I said ok give it a try! Within a week my pins were getting repinned, people were following Bloomiss, and best + most importantly, it was driving traffic to my website. If your company is struggling with Pinterest, talk to Fair Skin Media and it will change your online game.
Fair Skin Media (FairSkinMedia.com) Your media resource for the conscious-minded! #GreenBeauty #PR #OrganicSkincare

Written by Angie, Owner FairSkinMedia.com

Green Is the New Beauty

Green Is the New Beauty

Green Is the New Beauty

Green Is the New Beauty


Gone are the days when we loved skin products based on smell and packaging solely! Consumers now expect, quality over quantity. 

Companies, can no longer get away with sneaking-in toxic ingredients, at your cost! People want to know what they are putting on their skin. For good reason too, it’s going deep into your tissue, body, and blood stream. 

Skin is the largest organ. What we feed it, couldn’t be more important! Read your labels, avoid the nasty ones! Not sure where to start? Here’s some great resources for “toxic ingredients to avoid in skincare”

Healthy skin care = not complicated

Thankfully, many companies are now stepping-up, offering the latest “clean” skin products! Easy to find, affordable, and great for all skin types. That’s what the “green movement” is all about! Finding “pure” plant-based potions for your body. 

At Fair Skin Media, we are proud to stand behind brands that share these values. Being passionate about improving others lives, through their skin! 

Thanks for reading why we truly believe “Green Is The New Beauty” – don’t believe us? Just see some of the brands we are working with! 

Fair Skin Media (FairSkinMedia.com) Your media resource for the conscious-minded! #GreenBeauty #PR #OrganicSkincare

Written by Angie (Owner, Fair Skin Media)

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